About Lighthouse

What is Lighthouse?  

Lighthouse is a tool to help you make your organisation stronger and more successful. It's an online diagnostic tool for assessing the current health of your organisation across six key areas, alerting you to areas that need your attention now to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of your organisation. 

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Is Lighthouse appropriate for my organisation?  

Any established community or voluntary organisation that generates income can use Lighthouse to assess the health of their organisation. Lighthouse is designed for established organisations to review their strength – it is not appropriate for brand new organisations.  

How much does it cost?  

If you’re a Locality Essentials or Membership Plus member, you can access Lighthouse for free. If you’ve chosen our Network package upgrade your membership for unlimited to access to Lighthouse, or pay £75+VAT for one Lighthouse Assessment

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How was Lighthouse developed?  

Locality offers a service called Lifeboat which supports Locality members in crisis. Lighthouse was developed to help community organisations to spot the early warning signs before a crisis hits.  

Lighthouse builds on our learning about what's most helpful for community organisations through previous Locality support tools including toolkits, guides and online assessment tools such as Locality's Investment Readiness Checker. It also builds on historical data, feedback from Locality members, and the combined experience and knowledge of the Locality team. 

How does Lighthouse work? 

The Lighthouse tool will ask you a series of questions. Some are straightforward yes or no answers, and some questions include a set of statements answered by moving a slider to a description that best fits your situation.   

Once you complete the assessment, Lighthouse will analyse your answers and give you two detailed reports:

Report one: Resilience  

The first report will summarise your organisation's current health and resilience status under the 'Six Pillars of Sustainability':  

  • Structure  

Looking at whether you have the structure, processes and management systems you need. 

  • People  

Looking at whether you have the leadership, skills and experience you need.  

  • Finances  

Looking at whether you have sufficient resources to maintain operations and invest for the future.  

  • Business model  

Looking at whether your business model is clear, deliverable and sustainable.  

  • Relationships  

Looking at whether you have effective and constructive relationships with your community, other local organisations, stakeholders, local authorities and other public sector bodies.  

  • Culture  

Looking at your approach to innovation and change, customer service, support for staff and volunteers and wider community involvement. 

Where the report indicates a weakness around one or more of the pillars of sustainability, we advise drawing up an action plan to address the issues indicated.  

Report two: Short-term sustainability

Your second report focuses on your organisation's short-term sustainability. It gives your organisation a green, amber or red score against 12 key short term sustainability indicators.  

Red indicators should not be ignored. Organisations should think through the issues that the report flagged, and develop an action plan to address them.  

Get expert support 

You can achieve more for your community with specialist advice from the Locality team. Once you’ve received your report, we encourage you to get in touch with us if there are areas that you are concerned about.  

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